R H Fowler Well Drilling Company Proud to be family owned and operated since 1918. 330-645-0972 questions@fowlerwelldrilling.com
R H Fowler Well Drilling CompanyProud to be family owned and operated since 1918.330-645-0972questions@fowlerwelldrilling.com

We are a well-established business known for our experience and expertise in the water well business

About us

Started in 1918 by H. W. Fowler, we specialize in servicing all water wells: drill new water wells, both residential and commercial, repair, clean and disinfect existing water wells, plug old wells, perform water tests on your well and install new pumps. We are licensed, bonded, insured and registered with the State of Ohio as a private water systems contractor.


We've worked with thousands of clients in our history, and we look forward to including you among our satisfied customers:

  • Ken Manda Builders
  • Lake Front Home Builders, Inc.
  • Helen Scott, Home Builder and Realtor
  • WE Supply
  • Zaratsian Builders
  • Troup Drywall Services
  • Blue Pine Construction
  • Jeff Nathaniel, Professional Plumbing


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